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Additional Services

Soil Testing

To provide the best services for your lawn, Pro-Tech Lawn Care recommends soil testing. Several samples of your soil will be taken and tested by a laboratory to determine nutrient content, composition and other characteristics, including contaminants, of the soil. This information will be used to customize your lawn applications. Soil testing is included in our Lawn Protection Program.

Grub Control Applications

Grubs, which are the larval stage of Japanese beetles, damage more residential lawns in our area than all other insects combined. The preventive grub control treatment prevents you from needing to reseed your lawn from an infestation. It creates a barrier in the soil, which kills grubs before they are able to damage the roots of your grass. Pro-Tech Lawn Care also offers curative grub control applications to address active grub activity in your turf.

Lime Applications

Grass is most lush and green when grown in neutral soil. Lime treatments are applied to help neutralize acidic soil. Soil tests may be used to determine the amount of lime required to amend the pH at your property.

Disease Applications

Turf diseases are often pervasive and may cripple a lawn resulting in the need to repair and reseed your entire property. Diseases may be caused by fungi, nematodes, bacteria and viruses. Red thread, patch diseases and dollar spot are diseases often found on turf in our area. Pro-Tech Lawn Care offers both preventive disease control treatments as well as curative treatments to address active diseases on your lawn.

Surface Insect Control

Insects such as chinch bugs and sod webworm can absolutely cripple a lawn. Various insects can injure turf by feeding on it. They can also be vectors of disease as they may inject pathogens into plants while they are feeding. It is extremely important that an insect infestation is quickly and accurately identified. Pro-Tech Lawn Care offers treatments to address insect infestations on your lawn.